Massage and Holistic Therapy at Adam and Eve



Aromatherapy Massage:

An ultra relaxing treatment which combines the powers of touch and smell. Essential oils will be chosen and blended by your therapist to suit your requirements and needs.

30 minute - £25

45 minute - £35

60 minute - £45


Swedish Massage:

A deeper massage than aromatherapy but not as harsh as a sports massage, this treatment aids relaxation by relieving tired and knotted muscles.

30 minute - £20

45 minute - £30

60 minute £40


Sports Massage:

The prime purpose of this treatment is to help alleviate stress and tension, which builds up in our bodies' soft tissue during physical activity. Massage will help break down any knots and lesions and help you feel less tense. We recommend this massage for people doing a big sporting event such as a marathon.

We now offer our sports massages in catogories of time spent, rahter than different areas on the body. This means that you can chose how long you want to be massaged for and which areas need attention.

20mins - £20

30 mins - £30

45 mins - £40

60 mins - £55

Add stones - £5



Hot Stone Massage:

A deeply relaxing heat penetrates the skin from the Basalt Stones which have been medically proven to benefit the mind and soul. This treatment is good for aching muscles and can be combined with Aromatherapy Massage or Swedish Massage to enhance results.

30 minute £25

45 minute £35

60 minute £45




Holistic Therapy


Indian Head Massage:

A very spiritual and balancing treatment, using techniques to help balance the mind and soul. Upper body and head tension is released with this treatment, followed by chakra balancing to help you feel liberated from the days' stresses.

Full treatment - £30

Full treatment with hot stones - £35



This is a form of healing that involves a therapeutic foot massage and pressures to the reflex point situated in the feet. It balances every system in the body, getting rid of and energy blockages.

Full treatment - £30

Course of 6 - £150


Hopi Ear Candles:

This treatment is a pleasant and non invasive therapy on the ears. The candle will work on a chimney principle drawing any impurities to the surface, where they can be gently removed.

Full treatment - £20



Elemis Massage


Deep Tissue Muscle Massage:

A one hour treatment using Elemis oils and the technique of Body Brushing to relive toxins from the body. Along with powerful deep tissue massage movements to alleviate tension.

Duration - 1hr

Full treatment - £48


Deep Tissue Back Massage:

Specifically targeting the back, neck and shoulders. This massage is deep and relaxing in the areas you need it most.

Duration - 30mins

Full treatment - £30


Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub:

A deeply cleansing salt scrub that encourages cell regeneration for the softest, smoothest, most nourished skin. Your therapist will either choose Lime and Ginger, or Frangipani depending on your needs.

Duration - 30mins

Full treatment - £35


Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap:

A lusciously fragrant body wrap that quenches thirsty skin for velvety soft, super-hydrated results. Hot oil drizzle, lymphatic massage and nourishing moisturiser leaves your skin feeling amazing soft, whilst you are wrapped up in our warm towels for comfort. 

Duration - 1hr

Full treatment - £55


Frangipani Mind and Soul Cocoon:

Treat your mind and soul to the fragrant flower frangipani. With a full body drizzle with lymphatic drainage techniques, will leave your skin feeling 100% hydrated.

Full treatment- £55





Fancy a treatment together? We can arrange for you to be in the same room.

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